Moonshot House

Moonshot House is the #1 place exclusive and invite-only global virtual ecosystem for financial institutions, venture capital firms, hedge funds, LPs, angel investors, and industry leaders. Our mission is accelerating trust between the leaders in the private sector, open up a world of opportunities for our community, and build a platform enabling our members to virtually stay connected during/after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Why Moonshot House?

As a group not only we can revolutionize, standardize, and democratize the private sector but also, we can support talents, innovations, and inventions to shape the future through the collaboration, engagement, and right direction. We are still in the Beta version and our membership is invitation only.

Recent Additions to the Network

+220 more leading executives

Executives and Alumni from:

+75 Corporations, Venture Capital Firms, and Schools.
Some of the Moonshot House speakers