Virtual Venture Associate

Our Mission Is To Disrupt The Due Diligence And Investment Process On Start-Ups By Introducing The Most Intelligent Virtual Venture Associate To The Market. VVA Is a Fully Automated Engine That Can Calculate The Company’s Scores Based On The Rules Engine And Economic Changes. The Platform Is Able To Help The Investors and Founders On Deal Scouting, Monitoring, Analysis, Scoring, Building Success, And Failure Scenarios.


Human 2.0 Investment Theme

Introducing a Virtual Venture Associate (VVA) That Doesn’t Tie to a Specific Industry Sector and Follows a Chain of Adjustable Patterns and Variables to
Extremely Make Startup Sourcing Smarter and Faster.



Powered by AI and Intelligence

Proprietary Technology to Simulate Analysis of Success/ Failure Investment Scenarios on Early-stage Startups and More.




Fully Automated and Streamlined Evaluation Process to Determine
the Reliability of a Startup.



Entrepreneurs in the world


New businesses Funded in 2019


The value of venture capital investments


VC-backed exit value

Market Size


Key Differences

  • Scout and Source Startups

    90,000+ startups per week (real-time) -equal to ~2000 venture associates. Search and discovery is the most time-consuming sector for venture capital firms.

  • Analyze and Generate Due Diligence Report

    It will take ~1 minute to generate insights and a detail report for each startup. The process takes average one to two weeks for a venture associate.

  • Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring, constantly updating the startup profiles, and covering ~90% of the startup market. A venture associates covering less than 1% of the startup market with limited monitoring abilities.

  • Cost and Scaleability

    Low cost and very easy to scale. Typically, a venture associate salary is between ~$80k to ~$180k a year which is very costly and hard to scale.

  • Contextual Data

    Relying on big data to review thousands of articles and sources to generate insight into each potential investment. Human comes with limited search, knowledge, and domain expertise capabilities.

  • Investment Risk Assesment

    Virtual Venture Associate is smart, unbiased, intelligent, and super fast while a venture associate is very opinionated, biased and under environment and other people influences and very slow.